#1 Twins
#2 Enchanted April
#3 The Long Goodbye
#4 Coast to Coast
#5 Arthur 2: On the Rocks
#6 Lost in America
#7 The Sweet Smell of Success
#8 Hollywood Shuffle
#9 The Life of Brian
#10 Summer of '42
#11 The Apartment
#12 Heat

Producer Jill Franklyn, Producer Jon Hayman, Supervising producer Richard Doctorow, Co-executive producer Bill Masters, Co-executive producer Carol Leifer, Co-executive producer Suzy Mamann Greenberg, Executive producer Ted Harbert, Executive producer Peter Mehlman

#1 Twins: Aired Tuesday, September 21, 1999

Lauren dates a siamese twin who turns out to be faking the siamese part. Jennifer accidentally has her birthdate erased at the DMV and has it restored making her twenty-six years old.

#2 Enchanted April: Aired Tuesday, September 28, 1999

Since Robbie is one of the two rich, handsome, decent men in L.A., a producer makes a documentary about his breakup with his first love.

#3 The Long Goodbye: Aired Tuesday, October 5, 1999

A movie producer steals Robbie's idea for a film about black men in space, and Shrug is hot on the idea's trail. Arthur is on his way back to New York, and stresses over his airport goodbye with Lauren. Once he's on the plane and it's delayed, he realizes that he doesn't hate L.A. as much as he used to.

#4 Coast to Coast: Aired Tuesday, October 12, 1999

Everyone hates Arthur's book except for people in L.A., so he gets sent back to L.A. by his publisher on a media tour. Shrug quotes something that Arthur told him to a reporter, who credit's it to Arthur when it was originally by Fran Leibowitz, and the New York litterati puts a hit out on Arthur. Jennifer visits New York but doesn't want to tell her father she's in town so that she can just do fun stuff and not feel guilty about spending every minute with him. Robbie is dating a vapid actress, and wants to break up with her, but can't because her publicist is sick and in the hospital.

#5 Arthur 2: On the Rocks: Aired Tuesday, October 19, 1999

Shrug only goes running after he has sex, and he's been sleeping with his new girlfriend Dawn, but not actually having sex with her, but he's been running miles and miles every morning. He can't figure out what's going on, until he finds out that she's a succubus, and is secretly stealing his soul at night. Everyone in L.A. loves Arthur's book that rags on L.A., and after the L.A. Times interviews him, the interviewer offers him a job writing a column for the newspaper about how much he hates L.A. As much as Arthur doesn't want to stay in L.A., which he would have to for this new job, they make him an offer he can't refuse. Lauren is upset when she gives some brilliant quotes to the L.A. Times interviewer about Arthur's book, and all that makes it to the paper is "Ummmm, no." Robbie is upset when he buys ad time for Pay-per-Jew during a hot female tennis player's match, but since the tape for the match was stolen by an ABC technician, they show the ad during "The Hughleys" instead, which is not exactly geared towards his demographic. Jennifer tells David Bowie that she is depressed so that he will stop sending her his boring newsletter, and the word gets around until she is offered a spokewoman job for a new anti-depressant.

#6 Lost in America: Aired Tuesday, October 26, 1999

Jennifer and Lauren fight over a vibrating chair at a manicurist's who only likes customers who tell good stories. Arthur is harsh to a blind date, so she invites him to her therapy session and he ends up hitting on the therapist. Robbie and Shrug want to meet American girls instead of L.A. girls, so they decide to look for them in a hotel. First they meet two L.A. girls who are doing the exact same thing they are. The boys pretend to be from Omaha, but can't stand the L.A. girls and so ditch them for a charming naive girl who really is from Omaha.

#7 The Sweet Smell of Success: Aired Tuesday, November 2, 1999

Robbie is dating a woman who is still obsessed with her ex-boyfriend, Val Kilmer. Shrug is investing in his friend Helo's smell bar, and is trying to make his own perfect smell. A face appears on a blank billboard on Sunset Boulevard and some people say it is God. Arthur realizes he doesn't register as potential date on Lauren's radar because she keeps doing random hygienic things in front of him. Jennifer is persecuted by a guy who says that he lost his arm when she hit his car even thought he was really born with only one arm.

#8 Hollywood Shuffle: Aired Wednesday, December 8, 1999

Arthur can't have a cute UCLA co-ed as his assistant because he hit on his sexual harassment insurance broker. Jennifer is a god-parent to twins, but is upset when she realizes that she's one of many. Robbie thinks the twins were named after him. Shrug needs stress in his life to get rid of back pain. Lauren thinks Arthur couldn't sexually harass anyone and hurts her back.

#9 The Life of Brian: Aired Wednesday, December 15, 1999

Brian, a former classmate of Arthur and Robbie's, becomes successful by using stories from Arthur's life. Arthur kisses Brian's girlfriend who looks exactly like Lauren. Lauren and Shrug bond over their mutual PMS when Shrug goes on the male birth control pill, and end up kissing. Jennifer's phone number ends up getting listed, and Serbian president Milosevic starts calling her, and starts a war when she changes her number to unlisted again.

#10 Summer of '42: Aired Wednesday, December 22, 1999

Arthur goes on a date with a younger woman who actually turns out to be much older than him in experience. Robbie sets up Lauren with his new stock broker, and they get along horribly. Shrug and Jennifer go to a candle-light vigil to protest an execution, and Shrug steals candles from another woman while Jennifer switches sides after meeting a cute guy.

#11 The Apartment: Aired Wednesday, December 29, 1999

Pay-per-Jew hasn't been doing so well, so when Jennifer announces that she might have appendicitis, Robbie created Pay-per-cut, where they'll televise Jennifer's surgery live. Lauren plans to direct, but at the last minute Jennifer finds out she doesn't have appendicitis, it was just gas. They get a body double to actually do the surgery. Meanwhile, Arthur's cousin in New York finds out Arthur's dirty secret that he never actually graduated from college, and uses it to force Arthur into subletting his New York apartment to him instead of a beautiful woman Arthur meets on the plane. Shrug gets a nanny.

#12 Heat: Aired Wednesday, January 5, 2000

Jennifer puts her three blind dates in a police line-up to pick one, but ends up dating the police detective she meets there instead. Robbie buys a new house and has trouble breaking the news to Shrug. When the house burns down, Shrug is the top suspect, but it turns out the real culprit is Jennifer's detective. Arthur is upset when he spends time with Lauren in public, but no one perceives them as a couple.