Season 2, Episode 9: The Life of Brian

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Rating: 6.2/10


Written by Richard Doctorow & Jill Franklyn, Directed by Leonard R. Garner Jr.

Co-starring Rich Cooper as Brian, Rick Overton as Milosevic, Phil Dicker as man, and Ernie Grumvald as Ernie


"What is a man's life but for the sum of his stories?" -Arthur
"The sum of his bank book." -Robbie

"This was a real tender kiss between two consenting pre-menstrual adults. Does this make me a lesbian?" -Shrug

"Fire those really big guns Yeltsin gave me for my birthday!" -Milosevic

There was a great inside joke in this episode when Milosevic said that he has only two movies left in Serbia, Barcelona and Dirty Dancing. Everyone knows that Jennifer Grey starred in Dirty Dancing, but not as well known is that Chris Eigeman (Arthur) starred in Barcelona.

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