Season 2, Episode 8: Hollywood Shuffle

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Rating: 6.4/10


Teleplay by Carol Leifer & Peter Mehlman, Story by Etan Cohen, Directed by Leonard R. Garner, Jr.

Guest starring Joel Brooks as Clark, Mark Moses as Fred, Alex Kopp Horner as Wendy

Co-starring Brian Chenoweth as Isaac, Tia Riebling as Patti, Brandy Howard as Cindy

Special guest appearance by Mimi Rogers as Dierdre


Dr. Swedloe: "Your lack of stress is what's causing your stress."
Shrug: "You're telling me no stress is giving me stress?"
Dr. Swedloe: "Stressless stress is the most stressful stress there is."

Lauren: "Sexual harassment insurance for you?"
Arthur: "Yeah."
Lauren: "What a waste of money."
Arthur: "Okay, Lauren, just for the record, I do have a full compliment of genitalia."

Arthur: "More than anything I have ever wanted in my life I would love to take you like a cheetah takes a porterhouse steak."

Wendy: "He's always had a thing for you. Since that movie 'Wind.'"
Jennifer: "'Wind?' 'Wind' was a total bomb. 'Wind' blew."

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