Season 2, Episode 7: The Sweet Smell of Success

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Aired: Tuesday, November 2, 1999

Rating: 6.4

Guest starring
Amy Yasbeck as Karen
Grant Heslov as Hilo Beckworthy
Michael Halpin as Richard Kimbell
Cherie Hankal as woman
Sophia Richards as young woman
Jim Bentley as newscaster V.Q.

Robbie: "I'm dating someone who dated Batman."
Arthur: "Who she's gone out with, that's your criteria now?"
Robbie: "Yeah, well, I'm tired of relying on my own taste."

Shrug: "Hey, Helo, either I make a smell or I make a stink."
Helo: "Okay, you can make one smell."

Arthur: "It's unbelievable. Only people in Los Angeles could delude themselves into thinking that if God appeared on earth, his first stop would be on Sunset Boulevard."

Shrug: "Try this. It's the essence of L.A. attitude. I call it atmos-fear-and-loathing."
Helo: "I smell the fear."
Shrug: "Yeah? Yeah? You like it?"
Helo: "No, I loathe it."

Arthur: "Just when I'm making a little headway with Lauren God puts the moves on her."

Robbie: "Heavens to mergatroid."

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