Season 2, Episode 5: Arthur 2: On the Rocks

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Written by Richard Doctorow, Directed by John Fortenberry

Guest starring Maurice Godin as Zach, Joel Brooks as Clark, Jessica Lundy as Dawn

Also starring Francesca P. Roberts as Mrs. Robinson, Fred Sanders as Mr. Lasdon

Co-starring Cherie Hankol as woman, Maureen McCommon as hostess

Special appearance by Dan Patrick as himself and Carrie Fisher as herself


Robbie: "Maybe she had her way with you while you were sleeping."
Arthur: "Like a succubus."
Robbie & Shrug: "A what?!"

Arthur: "Why would Dawn lie?"
Lauren: "Oh, so you just assume Dawn's lying?"
Arthur: "Well, if someone's lying about sex it's always the person who says there was sex. Nobody ever lies and says there was no sex."
Lauren: "Are you familiar with the leader of the free world?"

Arthur: "I don't see the point of living in a city where you can't even offend people."

Arthur: "Are you sure you didn't have sex?"
Shrug: "Arthur, I was there the whole time."

Shrug: "Oh my God, maybe she is a shuttlebus."
Arthur: "It's succubus, and it's a myth."

Shrug: "I'm gonna look up this shufflebutt on the internet."

Lauren: "I think the master stroke of Arthur's book lies in how he captured the soul of an essentially souless city."
Arthur: "Wow, that's what I did. I didn't know that's what I did, but that's what I did."

Lauren: "At its best, Arthur's book underscores the irony of how LA, which has produced so much of American culture, lacks any real culture of its own."

Shrug: "Arthur, you're right, she's a scuttlebutt!"

Dawn: "I get your soul, and in return I give you something."
Shrug: "Uh, what do other guys usually exchange their souls for?"
Dawn: "Money?"
Shrug: "Don't need it."
Dawn: "Power?"
Shrug: "Couldn't handle it."
Dawn: "Fame?"
Shrug: "Not my cup of tea."
Dawn: "Personal fulfillment?"
Shrug: "What the hell is that?"

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