Season 2, Episode 4: Coast to Coast

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Written by Jon Hayman, Directed by John Fortenberry

Guest starring Jane Sibbett as Erika, David Byrd as Bishop Rook, Jack Blessing as Mr. Lynch

Co-starring Carole Goldman as Martha, Cherie Hankol as woman, Bob Morrisey as Shav Florence, Mayor Richard Riordon as himself, and George Plimpton as himself


"The only thing I miss about L.A. is you get your dry-cleaning back on the same day." -Arthur

"I'm so happy I'm living vicariously through me." -Arthur

"She said reading your book was like undergoing ethnic cleansing." -Mr. Lynch

"You can't break up with an actress when her publicist's sick. That's like breaking up with a normal person when they're mother's dying." -Jennifer

"Savor your frankfurter as you would your life, with relish." -Bishop Rook's book

"Martha's a publicist. Martha doesn't believe in God, she believes in hype." -Erika
"Y'know, Robbie, that girlfriend of yours is a homicide waiting to happen." -Lauren
"How do you get someone out of a coma?" -Robbie
"Isn't there a book called 'Coma Care of Dummies?'" -Shrug

"The litterati's mad at me?" -Arthur
"The litterati's very mad." -Mr. Lynch
"What about the glitterati?" -Jennifer
"Who's the glitterati." -Mr. Lynch
"The good-looking litterati. The ones who drive the Maserattis while listening to Pavarotti." -Jennifer

Did Arthur's apartment in New York look a lot like Seinfeld's, or was it just my imagination?

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