Season 2, Episode 3: The Long Goodbye

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Written by Peter Mehlman & Jon Hayman, Directed by John Fortenberry

Guest starring John Bennett Perry as Barney the anchorman, Kara Zediker as Cella, Mario Joyner as Jesse Jackson, Shareen Mitchell as Mrs. Calodny, Seth Isler as Herb Calodny, Ellen Gerstein as woman #1

Co-starring Debra Azer as Maria, Arlene Banas as waitress, Jon Hayman as passenger, Alison Marshall as passenger's wife


"Until the day I gave birth I had no idea I was pregnant." -stranger on the plane

"If you can't make it here you can't make it anywhere." -Arthur

"My doctor said Mylanta." -Herb

"Herb wasn't married, he was just between divorces." -Jennifer

"I am one of the few people who is notalgic about the present." -Lauren

"This is Jesse Jackson we're talking about here. His loose muscles are my civic duty." -Lauren

"I went with a watch." -Arthur
"Wow, there's no present like the time." -Shrug

"I'm not dying Shrug, I'm just going to a better place." -Arthur

"Hey! If you hate L.A. so much, why don't you just leave?!" -Arthur
"I'm trying to leave!" -New Yorker on plane
"Good, 'cause we don't need you here!" -Arthur

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