Season 2, Episode 12: Heat

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Rating: 6.0


Written by Peter Mehlman, Directed by John Fortenberry

Guest starring Jeff Yagher as Frank Wells

Also starring Richard Keen as ticket seller, Damon Standifer as man

Co-starring Brent Sexton as waiter, Tonotrin Mondrogen as Bryce, Miki Moolsey as mother, Shannon Welles as elderly woman, Cherie Hankal as woman, and Ernie Grumvald as Ernie

Special guest appearance by Mimi Rogers as Dierdre


Robbie: "I'm just a little preoccupied."
Shrug: "Is there anything we can do to get you postoccupied?"

Jennifer: "What's your parents' marriage like?"
Robbie: "It's the typical marriage. My mom's up 50 points in the fourth quarter and they're both content to run out the clock."

Frank: "Should I report a 1217 in progress?"
Jennifer: "What's a 1217?"
Frank: "Love in the air."

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