Season 2, Episode 11: The Apartment

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Rating: 4.8/8


Written by Etan Cohen
Directed by Joe Regalbuto

Guest starring
Kristin Dattilo as Nanny/Cynthia
Also starring
Jon Hayman as Spencer
Susan Slome as woman
Beth Hall as mother
Tom Jackson as father
Misty Rorrer as body double/Tommy
Ernie Grumvald as Ernie


Robbie: "College is just a bar with a $100,000 cover charge."
Arthur: "Yeah, my parents tend to focus on the $100,000 part."

Nanny: "I'm an also an actress."
Shrug: "Oh, what have I seen you in?"
Nanny: "Nothing."
Shrug: "Oh, porno."
Nanny: "No! I mean nothing."
Shrug: "Oh, so you're not really an actress."

Shrug: "I gave up television. See, it makes up for never reading."

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